Focus: 8 Weeks of Laser Focus

  • Focus: 8 Weeks of Laser Focus

Focus: 8 Weeks of Laser Focus

Buy 24 Bottles or more of No Ugly Focus this week and get a free EVE Wellness Morning Person Mini. Only while stocks last.

When the pressure is on and you need your brain to be firing at its full capacity. No Ugly Focus comes with just about every clever clogs ingredient under the sun. Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng, polyphenols like green tea extract, grape seed extract, apple extract, white tea solids, and packed with 6 different B group vitamins such as Vitamin B5 to help with mental performance, and Vitamin B12 for normal neurological brain structure and function.
An 8 weeks supply ensures there's always some in the fridge, ready to go when you are.

Be laser-sharp with 8 week's supply (6 bottles per week) and save. At $3.10 per serve, it's cheaper than a cup of coffee.

48 x 250ml - $149.00 NZD

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